FoodPanda and MBP: Give One Get One Contest

FoodPanda Got myself nominated by Mommy Vix Parungao of Mum Writes to the Mommy Bloggers Philippines {MBP} and FoodPanda Give One Get One Contest and here are my answers to her questions: What piece of advice can you give to those who aspire to be a work-from-home-mum? ANS: Working from home has a lot of benefits but because you're at home, there are a [...]

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BonChon Chicken

After months of waiting, finally, BonChon Chicken is now open in Cagayan de Oro City. They opened their doors to the City of Golden Friendship yesterday, November 30, [...]

La Vie Parisienne

When I went to Cebu City last July 2014 for my TESOL Certification Course, my classmates and I visited to La Vie Parisienne. It is a French bakery, deli and wine library, all [...]

Golden Ajirang-i Korean Restaurant

Both my friend and I are Korean Drama fans, so we are always tempted to try all the Korean dishes that were featured on the dramas we watched. So last March 2014, my friend [...]

Have a Jollibee KitKat Mix-ins Today! #JollyBreak

When my friends and I went to Cebu City earlier this month, we chance upon the latest Jollibee Mix-ins. It was the first time I saw it so I asked my companions if we could try [...]

Seafood Island

Praised be to God! Last Saturday, I was informed that I passed the teacher’s board exams. I was very happy because God answered my prayers. So as a treat, my father said [...]


Kinilaw na Tangigue
I think most of my friends know that my favorite food is KINILAW. I love this dish ever since I tasted it. The raw fish soaked in pure “suka” (vinegar) mixed with spices [...]